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Call open from September 1st to October 8th 2021

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The International Film Festival of Murcia IBAFF continues to bet on citizen participation, responding to the plurality of citizens, their participation in the cultural life of the municipality and transparency in the processes. The IBAFF Citizen Participation Service manages IBAFF Volunteering, where citizens can cover auxiliary services without risk or final responsibility for the processes, always under the supervision of professionals and an IBAFF volunteer coordinator.

The main objectives of the IBAFF Volunteering are:

  • Guarantee citizen participation within the IBAFF International Festival.
  • Offer citizens the possibility of joining the IBAFF work and service teams, respecting the voluntary nature of their activity.
  • Promote transparency in IBAFF management processes and mechanisms.
  • The IBAFF in its twelfth edition, to be held from October 8th to 16th, 2021, opens a call to the IBAFF Volunteer Service, committed to citizenship and quality culture in our city, offering the possibility of participating in services that are They will be found between September 1st and October 16th, 2021.

The IBAFF Volunteer will have the necessary training to carry out this work and will obtain an IBAFF volunteer certificate at the end of it.

REGISTRATION can be done by sending the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating in the subject of the email the name and surname of the applicant and the concept of IBAFF VOLUNTEER APPLICATION 2021.

You can read the TERMS OF IBAFF 2021 VOLUNTEERS here:


1 // The Official Rules of Participation of the 12th Edition of the IBAFF Murcia International Film Festival resolve the creation of the IBAFF 2021 volunteer program, which allows the development of active citizen collaboration within the IBAFF cultural programming and services, ensuring the transparency of the processes and the permanence and development of the IBAFF festival in the city of Murcia. There is an IBAFF Volunteer Regulations where the procedures to be followed are developed.

2 // The IBAFF volunteer must be over 18 years of age, have time and availability for the corresponding training and the development of the requested activity, must not have caused damage or harm to the festival in previous editions, and present the required documentation within the established deadlines.

3 // The selection of volunteers will follow the following criteria:

    • Participant availability.
    • Participant motivation.
    • Participant skills (adapted to each of the required services).
    • Participation in previous editions of the IBAFF Festival will be valued when they have been well valued by the organization for their good performance of the activity carried out.
    • In some specific volunteer positions, membership of a degree related to the role to be performed, as well as the experience or skills involved, will be assessed.

4 // The IBAFF volunteer agrees to comply with the objectives and purposes set out by the festival, act diligently and in solidarity, keeping confidentiality when appropriate, and use the IBAFF accreditation appropriately, attend meetings ( initially proposed May 18th and June 15th, 2021) to obtain the necessary training and information, actively participate in volunteer promotion activities, collaborate with the IBAFF Festival for its continuous improvement and notify in advance should they wish to resign from participating in the. The volunteer's tasks will be complementary and supportive to the organization.

5 // The main positions for the development of the IBAFF 2021 volunteering will be found in the following areas:

  • Support and assistance in movie theatres.
  • Support and organization in IBAFF activities.
  • Support in content management. Graphic design and layout ***
  • Support in film management and content traffic.
  • Production Support.
  • Communication support: content management. ***
  • Support in audiovisual communication: photography and video (volunteers in this section must bring their own tools and instruments). ***
  • Translation and interpretation support ***

            (*** These volunteers will be subject to the changing needs of the IBAFF and will require adequate training for the correct performance of the functions).

6 // A minimum of 16 hours of volunteering are required being able to choose between the shifts: morning, afternoon and night. These shifts can vary or be divided according to the production needs of the festival. The volunteer may do more than one volunteer shift if he or she wishes, but in any case, volunteers will never exceed 8 hours per day.

7 // It is a mandatory condition, once selected, to deliver a scanned digital copy of the DNI or ID Number and Social Security card.

8 // Participation as a volunteer includes coverage with civil liability insurance, a dossier with essential information regarding IBAFF 2021 and an accreditation to be able to access all IBAFF 2021 film sessions.

9 // Volunteers agree to respect, comply with and promote compliance with the general COVID regulations and specific guidelines of the IBAFF Film Festival.

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