Presentation IBAFF 2020


 "Watch for not being tied to a specific belief denying others,

as you will be loosing a greater good”  (Ibn Arabi)

To start over, to evolve and to keep learning. For IBAFF, the journey is more than an excuse for a geographical destination. It is part of our rebel spirit, nonconformist by nature, and our aim to transgress the established canon. Something that is not new. The existence as an infinite journey for the man and for the soul - and the idea that creation is not something static and concluded but an endless dance of constantly changing realities - was already stated in the 13th century by the philosopher and mystic Ibn Arabi . At the Murcia International Film Festival (IBAFF), whose name is inspired by the figure of this Sufi thinker, a journey means going beyond the current limits. To get used to constantly crossing the frontiers, to discover what is unknown, in the sense of a path to the truth.

Ten years now of experience, ten editions to set the foundations of this adventure that IBAFF is. A journey through trainning and screenings where organizers, participants and the audience get surrounded by the views of all the creators presenting their works and sharing their knowledge within the festival. At the IBAFF, as in Sufism, we travel to find the subtle path that keeps the purest mysteries and truths, rejecting dogmas, disbelief or intolerance.

Following this philosophy of constant movement, freedom and creation, the festival evolves in each step of the way. Born in Puertas de Castilla Cultural Centre, IBAFF celebrates this year its 11th edition from February 28th to March 07th, with the help of the City of Murcia.  IBAFF will once again offer the audience the chance of experiencing other ways of understanding cinema at its heardquaters in Francisco Rabal Regional Film Library.

2020 Program. Exploration of the poetic and exclusive cinematic masterpieces. Keeping always as a defining symbol the hypnotic image of the festival's logo - alluding to the origins of experimental cinema and Marcel Duchamp’s anemic Cinéma (1926) -, the IBAFF Festival Program looks this year for the exploration of the Poetic. The 2020 lineup includes movies that have been  selected for their artistic quality and for being pieces of difficult access in conventional commercial circuits. Movies that otherwise would not be programmed in the city of Murcia. Thus, the Official Program for Long Feature Films includes 18 titles, among documentaries and fiction films, that transgress the academic film narratives and depict different topics. These are 18 movies acting as an invitation for the audience coming to La Filmoteca to reflect and enjoy.

From synthetisers rythms that will take us to the early start of pop and electronic music (The Rise Of The Synths) to movies acting as coreographies where every gesture evokes a meaning (L’es enfants d’Isadora). Film soundtracks composed of nature and human action in a fragile ecosystem (L’Île aux oiseaux), films about care and love (Andromeda), feminism and activism in the 70s to understand the present (Delphine et Carole), and films for women and for the right to decide (Mama girl, first premiere in Europe). Films about the importance of family reinvention (Video Blues), about the disintegration of generations (Last Night I saw you smiling). Filmmakers who decide to shipwreck to be able to connect and reconnect with the environment (Zumiriki). Myths rescued from wells (Cenote, also of national premiere) and realities that are diluted in the desert (Abou Leila).

And travel paths of reverie (Lillian's journey). Migration and adaptation (Tanya); Travel and limbo (Barzaj). Youth Self Portrait (Selfie). Elder heroes who just want to screen movies and to share their love for cinema (Talking about three). Impressive, extreme and necessary films (Irradiés, which arrives in Spain after its world premiere at the Berlinale) As per the short feature films, 14 films will be participating in the Official Program this year. Splitted in two joint sections, both are defined by the term AYN, translated as "eye", but meaning and encompassing a wider sense: a source, a person, a belief and an identity. Same as an eye, an organ of sight, - and also a whole universe of coincidences, mixing senses and rationality – The Official Section for Short Films guides us with poetic inspiration and creative imagination to what our hearts make us see.  IBAFF offers films as Tabaski, Machini, Solar Echoes y Transcript, being all these national premieres.   A selection done among almost 400 films from 41 different countries. Throughout the history of the festival - in the nine editions in which there has been an official section to contest – we have received about 3,550 films. For this eleventh edition, almost 400 films were registered, 66% of them being short films and 34% of them being long feature films, including fiction and documentary. This year, we have received works from places as diverse as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Kosovo, Great Britain, Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Algeria, Chad, Sudan, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Israel, Qatar, Iran, Uzbekistan, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Cuba and the United States. 41 different countries.In this edition, IBAFF has once again got their focus on the education with and for the cinema by increasing the training sessions for children and adults - all free registration. In November 2019, we held different thematic film sessions - ‘International Animation for Children’, with the participation of productions from Uruguay and Argentina; ‘Behind the Culture’, about the ins and outs of art centers; ‘Silent and entertaining’, with films by Franz Osten– and workshops on cinema directing, screenwritting or dramaturgy.This 2020, there are as well several workshops as Film Critic writting Seminar (March 2-6); Introduction to the Creation of Television Fiction Seminar (March 6 and 7); Editing and composing. Dar con la tecla en la musica para cine (March 2-5); and the children's workshops for boys and girls on Experimental Cinema. Hidden in the face (February 23) and a workshop focused on the role of sound in Cinema for boys and girls. Foleyphony II (February 29). The mass response of the Murcian citizens has ended with waiting lists for all courses whose tickets were sold out in record time.

Jesús de la Peña Sevilla
Director del Festival IBAFF


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