CALL FOR IBAFF 2021 Popular Jury

 Call open from April 12th to May 23rd 2021

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The Murcia IBAFF International Film Festival offers all citizens the possibility of viewing and scoring the films in the Official Section in competition in its twelfth edition, which will be held from June 18 to 26, 2021. For this, these films will be screened in person during the festival or shown on video on demand - through the OCULTO.TV platform. or any other audiovisual platform provided by the organization. The public and the Popular Jury will be able to vote and score through a voting application the films in competition for Best Short Film and Best Feature Film IBAFF 2021. The key for voting will be provided to them at the opening of the festival.

Los principales objetivos del Jurado Popular son:

The main objectives of the Popular Jury are:

  • Guarantee citizen participation in granting the IBAFF Audience Award for Best Short Film and Best Feature Film.
  • Ensure that the vote is democratic and fair, favouring the vote of all the films screened in the Official Section.
  • Promote transparency in IBAFF management processes and mechanisms.
  • For the 2021 edition, the IBAFF Festival offers 30 places for the Popular Jury, that will attend and watch the selected films in the afternoon and evening. If COVID should make it impossible to attend physically, the viewings will be carried out through a digital platform. Members of the Popular Jury will obtain different benefits in the cultural programming of the city.

The registration period will be one month, from September 1st to October 1st 2021.

The REGISTRATION will be carried out by sending the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating in the subject of the email the name and surname of the applicant and the concept of 'APPLICATION FOR A POPULAR JURY IBAFF 2021'.



  • The Official Rules for participation in the 12th Edition of the IBAFF Murcia International Film Festival establish that the Audience Award, in its categories for Best Feature Film and Best Short Film in the Official Competition Section, will be made through an averaged decision (50% ) between a Popular Jury appointed by the organization and the vote of the public. The score will be the average of the votes cast. There is an Audience Award Regulation where the procedures to be followed are developed.

  • The mission of the Popular Jury will be to guarantee citizen participation in the processes for awarding the IBAFF Audience Award, ensuring that the vote is democratic and fair for all films submitted to competition, and establishing transparency processes in the management mechanisms of the Festival de IBAFF cinema.

  • For the selection of the members of the IBAFF Popular Jury, the IBAFF Citizen Participation Department has agreed to follow the procedure outlined in this document.

  • The selection of the members of the IBAFF Popular Jury will be done by strict order of registration up to number 30. In the event of more than 30 applications, the selection will take into account the attached motivation letter and ensuring citizen plurality at all times.

  • Those under 18 years of age, those who have caused damage or harm to the festival in previous editions, people involved in production, distribution or any other type of exploitation or participation with the films selected of the Official Sections the 12th Edition IBAFF will be excluded from becoming members of the Popular Jury.

  • Participants must agree to be at the disposal of the organisation of the 12th Edition of the IBAFF Festival from June 18th to 26th 2021, to attend different events such as: the screenings of the selected films; the two explanatory meetings –on the first or second call–; promotional events of the Popular Jury, meetings with the media and press conferences; as well as specific meetings and awards ceremonies, being able to be absent only due to force majeure. The Popular Jury of each edition will be confirmed upon signing of the Popular Jury agreement, until the closing of the same edition. The dates of the organisation meetings of the Popular Jury could be subject to changes that favor a correct achievement of the festival.

  • The organisation will verify compliance with the requirements listed in the previous sections and will reject any applicant who does not meet them. The absence of data in the application may lead to the non-selection of the candidate. In the event that a member of the Popular Jury fails to comply with the commitments required and reflected in these rules, he or she will be relieved of duties. There will be a minimum of 10 substitutes for the Popular Jury.

  • Each member of the Popular Jury will award a score to each contestant film between 1 and 10 (1 being the worst score and 10 the best). The vote will be personal and secret, the members of the jury agreeing not to disclose the scores given. The organisation reserves the right to invalidate and annul those fraudulent votes or those that contravene these bases. The Popular Jury may share its film criticism with other members, participants or festival goers through its own means that may be shared, if so deemed by the IBAFF team, through the festival's official social networks.

  • The score obtained by each competing film will be subsequently weighed by the organisation and an average will be made with the audience vote that represents the remaining 50%, to select the winning film in the category of Audience Award for Best Short Film and Award of the Audience for Best Feature Film.

  • The structure of the Popular Jury may be organised in a group or in two, depending on the projection schedules or the simultaneity in the projections. The daily duration corresponding to each member of the jury will be between 3 and 8 hours, and may be shorter or longer depending on the characteristics of the films in competition. All the information on mandatory attendance projection schedules will be delivered at least ten days before the start of the festival.

  • The participant, as a member of the popular jury must commit to:
    • Viewing all the contestant films in which the intervention of the Popular Jury is scheduled.
    • Rate each of the films viewed with a score from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst score and 10 being the best.
    • Sign the corresponding agreement with the IBAFF Festival prior to the start of its functions.
    • Fulfill the commitments acquired with the IBAFF Festival, respecting the objectives and purposes of the same.
    • Collaborate with the entity, its professionals, the rest of the Popular Jury and volunteers in achieving the IBAFF objectives.
    • Participate in all training tasks developed by the organisation, in order to train the Popular Jury for an adequate development of its activity.
    • Participate in promotion and organisation events of the IBAFF 12th edition.
    • Be available, keeping the mobile phone turned on but silent during the development of the activity.
    • Be on time. The Popular Jury will have exact projection times and other events.
    • Reject any kind of consideration for the services provided in the development of its activity or by third parties.
    • Keep, when appropriate, the confidentiality of the information received and learnt while carrying out activities as a Popular Jury.
    • Properly use the accreditations of the organisation. During the festival, the Popular Jury must wear the IBAFF accreditation and do so in a visible way. Festival professionals, other members of the Popular Jury, volunteers and the general public must be able to identify them.
    • Respect the proper use of the facilities where the festival takes place and the materials entrusted for the development of activities.
    • Observe the safety and hygiene measures adopted. The Popular Jury undertakes to inform the members of the organisation of any incident that may occur in the room.
    • Notify in advance, whenever possible, your resignation so that the appropriate measures can be taken to avoid any issues.
    • Respect the current COVID regulations during the 12th edition of the IBAFF International Film Festival.

Participation to be part of the Popular Jury implies acceptance of these rules.

These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law. For any doubt, discrepancy, claim or question that may arise directly or indirectly during the interpretation and execution of these terms and conditions, the Courts and Tribunals that, where appropriate, will hear the matter, will be those of Murcia.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, we inform that the data provided in the application for participation as a jury will be included in a file of the IBAFF INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (C / Cartagena, S / N, CP: 30002, El Carmen, Murcia) to manage the relationship with the participants and in order to process the necessary documentation for the development of their functions. The rights of access, cancellation, rectification, opposition and the revocation of the consents given may be exercised at any time by letter to the department of citizen participation of the IBAFF INTERNATIONAL CINEMA FESTIVAL, by phone + 34 968 35 86 00 or by mail email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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