Call open from September 1st to 15th 2021

IBAFF YOUTH offers young people in the Region the possibility of participating actively in the IBAFF - Murcia International Film Festival through film training, the viewing of short films, as well as scoring and voting for the IBAFF Youth Award delivered in each edition of the festival.

IBAFF shows special interest in young people and in their audiovisual and cinematographic education and training. The festival seeks the direct participation of students, promoting a didactic project with an international dimension, in which they work with the teachers of the educational centres on the value of new technologies and media, as well as their connection and use for the genesis and development of audiovisual arts.

IBAFF YOUTH offers students:

  • Basic knowledge of the cinematographic world.
  • Awareness of audiovisual language and non-traditional formats, new narratives and forms of visual expression.
  • The development of a critical aptitude and attitude, forming people prepared to see and value cinema in its most diverse possibilities, and by extension any other manifestation of the individual.
  • The festival is aimed at schools interested in developing the audiovisual skills of their students and actively integrating them into the world of cinema. Thus, IBAFF offers the possibility of enrolling in the program to a maximum of 10 centres, which will commit to viewing the selected films - in their two possibilities, either in the educational center or attending the movie theater provided by the festival - and to score them following the methodology set by the organisation. In addition, they will have the possibility of having a training session in the cinema.

The registration period will be open from September 1st to 15th 2021.

REGISTRATION will be made by sending the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating in the subject the concept IBAFF youth APPLICATION 2021followed by the name of the centre.


1 // IBAFF Youth is a section of IBAFF - Murcia International Film Festival aimed at promoting the participation of young people from the Region of Murcia and awarding the IBAFF Youth Award.

2 // The festival is aimed at schools interested in developing audiovisual skills of their students and actively integrating them into the world of cinema, and offers the possibility of participating to 10 centres, which will commit to viewing the selected short films (in its two possibilities, in the educational centre or attending the movie theatre provided by the festival) and score them following the methodology set by the organisation.

3 // The registration period is from September 1st to 15th 2021.

4 // The selection of the educational centres will be carried out in strict order of registration, becoming part of the IBAFF 2021 database. Participation will be communicated via email to the requesting manager from the educational centre. There will be at least one contact person responsible for the requesting entity, who will provide the following information:

  • Name of the educational centre.
  • Address of the educational center and contact (email and telephone).
  • Course or courses selected for the activity.
  • Number of participating students and age range.
  • Desired viewing type: A, B1 or B2 (point 7).
  • Interested in Movie Talk or Not Interested in Movie Talk.
  • Name and surname of the person responsible for the activity in the educational center.
  • Contact of the person in charge of the activity in the educational center (email and telephone) indicating availability hours to contact.

5 // Participation in the IBAFF YOUTH offers the option of having a training session or talk lasting between 90 and 120 minutes, where students can learn basic contents of cinematographic and audiovisual art. The talk may be given by professionals from the IBAFF Festival or entities or associations dedicated to the training and dissemination of the cinematographic or audiovisual arts.

6 // The set of short films selected will have an approximate duration of 45 minutes of projection, and will be selected taking into account the appropriate content for the participating ages.

7 // The viewing will be carried out in two possible ways:

A - Viewing in the movie theater located in the city of Murcia and selected by the International Film Festival of Murcia IBAFF, in the mornings and from Monday to Friday, with a duration not exceeding 90 min, between September 11th to 15th 2021.

B - Viewing at the requesting Educational Center, between September 16th and October 6th, 2021. For this, the material with the short films selected for voting, as well as the pertinent voting sheets, would be delivered. This viewing will:

B1 - With the presence of IBAFF staff, who will attend the educational centre with the selected short films and the voting sheets, which will be ratified by the person in charge of the centre. In this case, the date will have to be agreed between the IBAFF Festival and the requesting centre.

B2 - Without the presence of IBAFF staff. In this case, the short films and the voting sheets will be sent to the educational centre. They can requested up to June 11th 2021 at the IBAFF headquarters located in the Cuartel de Artillería Centre, C / Cartagena, S / N, Barrio del Carmen, CP: 30002 Murcia.

8 // The voting sheet will be handed out to all participating students, who will make a single, personal and non-transferable vote. The voting sheet will be provided before the beginning of the session and the voting rules will be properly explained. Grading will be from 1 to 10, not counting decimals or other figures, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest score. The votes will be collected by the festival staff or by the person in charge of the centre. They will have the seal of the school centre, to ensure the transparency of IBAFF processes. Voting sheets that produce any doubt regarding the score will be considered void.

9 // The vote count of the participants may be carried out in the corresponding Educational Centres after the end of the session, with the aim that the students know the score obtained from their group and thus contrast it with the one obtained by the sum of all the participating centres and the subsequent IBAFF YOUTH Award after the ceremony.

10 // The result obtained will go to the festival's vote register, as well as the voting sheets, which will be available to the audience once the festival ends, and will be kept for one year. In the event of a tie in the vote after viewing and counting, there will be a tiebreaker with a quick vote (raised hand) after reflection on the two tied films.

11 // After the session, it is advisable to maintain a dialogue with the students about the content viewed: formats, topics covered, interpretation, visual resources ...

12 // Two students from participating schools may be selected for the presentation and delivery of the IBAFF YOUTH Award on Saturday, October 16th, 2021. If the winner collects the IBAFF YOUTH Award, the festival may organise a meeting between participating students and the director.

13 // IBAFF may request authorisation to publish of images in order to promote IBAFF YOUTH, the festival's citizen participation service or the Award in this category. Likewise, the festival may also request the collaboration of participants for their intervention and presence in the media with the idea of ​​promoting the IBAFF YOUTH and citizen participation of the festival, or the award granted in this category.

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