2020 Program. IBAFF Film Festival

Following the 11th edition,  Murcia’s International Film Festival IBAFF has programmed feature films and many other short films directed by filmmakers from different places as Cambodia, Japan, Senegal, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Portugal, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, China or Canada. Without forgetting the national media landscape, we aim to show small realities living inside the History in capital letters. Meaning so, directors who, through their works, teach us small acts performed by individuals who might never appear in official History, but who fight and try to change their surroundings even making mistakes in doing so.


Exploration of the poetic and exclusive cinematic masterpieces. Keeping always as a defining symbol the hypnotic image of the festival's logo - alluding to the origins of experimental cinema and Marcel Duchamp’s anemic Cinéma (1926) -, the IBAFF Festival Program looks this year for the exploration of the Poetic. The 2020 lineup includes movies that have been selected for their artistic quality and for being pieces of difficult access in conventional commercial circuits. Movies that otherwise would not be programmed in the city of Murcia. Thus, the Official Program for Long Feature Films includes 18 titles, among documentaries and fiction films, that transgress the academic film narratives and depict different topics. These are 18 movies acting as an invitation for the audience coming to La Filmoteca to reflect and enjoy.  

Abou Leila
Delphine et Carole, insoumuses
El viaje de Lillian
L’île aux Oiseaux

Last Night I Saw You Smiling
Les enfants d’Isadora
Niña Mamá
Talking About Trees
The Rise Of The Synths
Video Blues


14 films will be participating in the Official Program this year. Splitted in two joint sections, both are defined by the term AYN, translated as "eye", but meaning and encompassing a wider sense: a source, a person, a belief and an identity. Same as an eye, an organ of sight, - and also a whole universe of coincidences, mixing senses and rationality – The Official Section for Short Films guides us with poetic inspiration and creative imagination to what our hearts make us see.  

AYN 1 (83'). Tuesday March 3rd. Filmoteca Room A. 19h
La hoguera 19' (Spain) Carlos Saiz.
Pillimpo 6' (Spain) Rafael Montezuma.
Carne 12' (Spain, Brasil) Camila Kater.
Stay awake, be ready 12', (Vietnam, South Korea, United states). Phan Thien An.
Los espacios confinados 12' (Spain, France, Israel) Razzak Ukrainitz
Transcript 3' (United States, Taiwan) Erica Sheu.
Land of districts 4' (Germany) Andreas Grützner.
Solar Echoes 15' (France, Spain) Mathilde Lavene.

AYN 2 (92'). Thursday March 5th  Filmoteca Room A. 19h
Fuera de campo 24' (Spain, Chile) Adriana Thomasa y Pablo Vilas.
Tabaski 26' (Senegal) Laurence Attali.
Litoral 20' (Spain) Juanjo Rueda.
In between 13' (Kosovo) Samir Karahoda.
Machini 9' (Congo – Kinsasa, Belgium) Frank Mukunday, Tétshim.
Selfie 9'50'' (Spain) Nayra Sanz Fuentes.

Opening Night

Filmoteca Regional. Room A. 20:30h.

Short Film / Reminiscencia (5’,45’’) Carlos Matías
Long Feature Film / The Rise Of The Synths (90’) Iván Castell


Peter Greenaway (Newport, 1942), one of the purest and less conventional directors of contemporary cinema, will receive this year the IBAFF XI Honorary Award. The British filmmaker can be considered as a whole artist, making all the disciplines he loves - painting, photography, architecture, sculpture, music, history - harmoniously live together in his works.

The Draughtsman’s contract
Peter Greenaway. 1982. 103’.
Saturday February 29th. Filmoteca Regional. Room B. 16.00h

The Belly of an Architect
Peter Greenaway. 1987. 108’.
Sunday March 1st. Filmoteca Regional. Room B. 16.00h

The Cook, the Thief, His wife and Her Lover
Peter Greenaway. 1989. 123’.
Monday March 2nd. Filmoteca Regional. Room B. 16.00h

The Pillow Book
Peter Greenaway. 1996. 126’.
Tuesday March 3rd. Filmoteca Regional. Room B. 16.00h

Peter Greenaway. 2007. 135’.
Wednesday March 4th. Filmoteca Regional. Room B. 16.00h

Rembrandt’s J’Accuse
Peter Greenaway. 2008. 86’.
Thursday March 5th. Filmoteca Regional. Room B. 16.00h


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